The CEO of Element Power Ireland, Tim Cowhig, recently invited people interested in learning first-hand how wind turbines operate harmoniously in a community to visit a wind farm for themselves.

“For many months, we have been listening to wildly inaccurate claims and false statements being made about wind turbines from a minority of people who want to scupper an opportunity for jobs and investment in the Midlands,” he claimed.

‘I would strongly recommend to people who genuinely wish to understand and experience being in the vicinity of wind turbines, to pay a visit to a wind farm. The Irish Wind Energy Association’s website – – gives a list of all the wind farms which are operating in Ireland today amounting to approximately 1,300 turbines. Time spent researching the subject for yourself by watching and listening to a wind turbine up close would put paid to all of the misleading claims which are being  by those scare-mongering. There is nothing quite like seeing it for yourself to make up your own mind,” said Cowhig.

Questioning the motivation of those who quote self-proclaimed experts or online blogs which have little or no credibility, Cowhig said that the potential effects of a wind farm are assessed as part of the planning process before any construction might be allowed to proceed. “Our company is committed to providing factual information reviewed by experts as opposed to opinions, gossip and hearsay. I have said before and I will say again, there is no evidence of any direct negative health impact as a result of living near a wind turbine,” concluded Cowhig.

Below is a Element Power video filmed in Co Tipperary in September 2013 where local people give a first-hand account of living in the vicinity of wind turbines.

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