Video: This Kerry child doesn’t know what to make of his new tractor!

A two-year old Kerry boy is going viral after his shock at the weight of his new tractor and trailer set but one thing he is sure it that it’s too heavy!

The video below shows the boys reaction to his new set of wheels, but he’s less than impressed by the weight of his new possession.

It shows him holding the tractor and trailer in their box, still in the shop where he bought them, but he’s struggling to hold onto the box.

The boy’s nanny says that it’s a lovely tractor for Easter but she’s interrupted by the two-year-old who pipes up that it’s too heavy.

“It’s too heavy nanny,” he says before dropping the box to the ground. “Oh my god – it’s too heavy,” he goes on to say, absolutely astonished.

Thousands of people have viewed the video online – we think he’s too cute – check out the video below!