The wear and tear of farm buildings is inevitable, and upgrades can be costly. However, a big job is not always needed.

In the video above, Leinster Farm Painters’ manager Luke Connelly takes Agriland through a three-step restoration process of a farm shed in Co. Meath.

Stage one: Repair and clean farm buildings

To start off, the shed is cleaned with a high-pressure hose, removing all paint, grime and restoring the shed to its original state. From here the shed can be evaluated.

“What the guys do is they’re checking all the old roof, screwing it all in, tightening up the old sheets,” Connelly explained.

Once this is complete, repairs can begin.

Leinster Farm Painters carry out all repairs themselves, including guttering (valley gutters, box iron gutters, bevel gutters), replacing sheets, and general maintenance.

Stage two: Prime

After all the old sheds are carefully cleaned and repaired, an anti-corrosion rust primer is applied, which prevents future deterioration.

The material used in the video comes with a 10-year warranty.

Stage three: Paint

The final stage of the restoration process is applying two coats of a plastic-coated paint.

In the video above the colour green is used, however, Leinster Farm Painters also offer grey, black, brown and red paint.

“Whatever the customer requires, we can apply,” Connelly added.

All work carried out in this restoration process – and in all of Leinster Farm Painter’s work – is done to industry-approved standards and includes a five-year guarantee. The Leinster Farm Painters team has full public liability insurance and are fully VAT registered.

To get a free restoration estimate for your farm buildings, freephone Leinster Farm Painters on; 1800 83 9997; get in touch by email, or for more information, visit their website by clicking here.