Video: Kildare contractor finds his Krone mowers ‘bullet-proof’

Krone has become synonymous with a clean cutting, high-quality mower and it’s down to some unique selling features that put it ahead of the competition, claimed marketing director for Farmhand, Stephen Scrivener.

Farmhand caught up with David Cassells who drives for Pat Moran and Sons Agri. They are mowing with a trio of Krone mowers – a F320CV front; ECR320CV rear; and EC3201CVSSA trailed grouper.

David was working the front and rear combination mowers when called on. The F320CV and ECR320CV are both 3.2m Krone mowers with conditioners.

“Overall, I am really happy with the mowers; I think they’re a great combination – we can fly through grass,” said David.

Compact on the road

Thanks to their ability to fold way past 90° over the back of the tractor for road travel, it makes the ECR320CV mower good to travel narrow roads with and distributes the weight evenly across the axle instead of leaning to one side.

“It’s very compact on the road; it’s not all over the place and it’s very smooth,” commented David.

Follows the ground

All Krone EasyCut rear mowers are equipped with the patented DuoGrip suspension system. This system suspends the mower in its centre of gravity and uses springs to ensure even pressure and a good level of float through bumpy ground.

“In the field it’s very smooth and travels the field very well,” said David.

Maintaining a consistent pressure across the entire working width of the mower is key to Krone’s famous ‘clean cut’.

“The rear mower has good floating on it; you can pressurise it to be harder or softer depending on the ground. It’s a beautiful mower to follow the back of the tractor,” claimed David.

Reliable and easy to maintain

The SafeCut system has been tried and tested in Ireland for many years. The patented system protects the disc and complete driveline.

On impact, the roll-pin shears and the disc spins up and out of the way of neighbouring discs. 10 minutes and a 20c part gets you back working and could save thousands in repairs.

“It’s very easy to service the machine; I do it all myself. The access points and the gearboxes are very easy to take off and the blades are easily changed,” reported David.

Handy – everything well thought out

Moran Agri opted for optional hydraulic folding covers on the front mower. This option makes it more comfortable for drivers as they can detract the mower safety guards from the cab which makes it easier to get into tight gaps.

There are mower blade holders and quick blade changing tools front and rear which makes the mowers easy to operate and “you’re not looking everywhere for a handle; it’s beside you”, said David.

Bullet-proof mowers

Krone prides itself on producing its mower beds itself. They use a one-piece, fully welded cutter-bar made of high-quality, heavy gauge steel for high strength and durability.

Along with this, they have a massive 64cm HD rotor which all combine for one of the strongest mowers out there.

“The mowers have been absolutely bullet-proof for us; they are very strong and can take a lot of punishment,” said David.

“We’ve had the mowers two years now and we’re delighted, and they’ve been very reliable…here’s to the lads buying Krone triple mowers next year.”

Further information

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