Video: John Deere to launch new flagship combine across Europe

John Deere is in the process of launching its latest flagship combine harvester range – namely the S700 Series.

The European launch will take place over the coming weeks; the US launch has already happened – amidst much fanfare stateside. Built at John Deere’s factory in East Moline, Illinois, four new models will come on stream in 2018.

These machines will replace the S600 models introduced in 2012. John Deere says that, thanks to new levels of automation, the new models will make life “much easier” for operators.

The new Combine Advisor package, for example, helps operators to set up and optimise the combine – enabling it to automatically adjust settings on the move. The package also incorporates (ActiveVision) cameras, to enable operators to see areas such as the tailings and clean grain elevators.

The machines can also automatically calibrate the on-board mass flow sensor, thanks to so-called ActiveYield technology.

The updated in-cab controls, according to the company, will provide a “common user experience” – aligning with those of its larger tractors and self-propelled sprayers. This starts with a new “state-of-the-art” CommandCenter.

John Deere S700

The new cabs feature either leather or cloth seats that swivel 7.5º left and 15º right for improved visibility; enhanced seat ventilation for greater comfort; and additional grain tank mirrors for improved visibility of the tank.

“These new S700 combines are a culmination of enhancements to our previous model that optimise and automate harvesting operations for coarse and small grains,” said Kevin Ripple, US-based Marketing Manager for Harvest at John Deere.

“We’ve enhanced the overall intelligence of these combines by automating more adjustments and calibration tasks, and improved the lifetime durability and productivity of front-end equipment to create a high-performance harvesting solution unlike any other on the market today.”