Video emerges of chaos in Kells after double bank robbery

A video has just emerged of the scenes of the anarchy and chaos that ensued the robbery of two ATMs in Kells, Co. Meath.

Additional information has also been sourced by AgriLand on the circumstances surrounding what is being described as “a well organised heist”.

In the moments before the outlaws began their robbery, locals have said a row of spikes were placed at the exit of the Garda station.

It is understood this was done to puncture the tyres of the Garda squad car in the event that members of An Garda Síochána attempted to chase the get-away car.

The Garda station is located less than 500m from where the ATMs were robbed.

The digger used in the operation belonged to a local contractor and was working on a farm near the town of Kells when it was taken by the bandits and used to prise the ATMs from the walls of the two banks.

The ATMs were stolen from AIB and Bank of Ireland in the town and Gardaí were alerted to the incident at around 4:30am.

This heist is the latest in a series of ATM robberies across the island of Ireland, and the fourth incident this week.

There have now been a total of five ATMs stolen on the island of Ireland this week alone.