Video: Conditions of how cattle dealer was held hostage revealed

The conditions of where and how a cattle dealer was held hostage for five days in October 2012 have now been revealed by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Paul Gogan, who is originally from Co. Meath but lives in Essex, was reportedly kidnapped and held in a small shipping container in a field, near Castlederg on the borders of counties Tyrone and Donegal.

Gogan was forced to remain in the dark container with only a dirty mattress and blankets to lie on.

The cattle dealer was allegedly threatened with a gun and told he would be killed or have his fingers cut off.

It is believed the gang who kidnapped the cattle dealer demanded a ransom of $400,000 (€456,000), but he was released once €100,000 was paid.

This money has never been recovered, BBC Newsline reported.

It was alleged that Gogan was kidnapped and held hostage over an outstanding debt.

The cattle dealer was held captive, with only a limited amount of food and water over the duration of the ordeal.

A Scottish man named Robert Vevers from Dumfriesshire, along with four Co. Tyrone men, were recently sentenced in connection with the kidnapping.

All of the men involved pleaded guilty to being involved in the kidnapping and received suspended jail sentences.

Vevers claimed that the victim owed him close to £200,000 (€228,000) for a livestock deal, BBC Newsline reported.

The Scottish businessman is believed to have lured the victim to a farmyard in Northern Ireland, where he was reportedly bundled into a van and brought to the container where he was held hostage.

Kidnapped cattle dealerA kidnapped cattle dealer was held hostage for five days in this squalid shipping container on the Tyrone-Donegal border.

Posted by BBC Newsline on Monday, March 13, 2017