Video: Calibrate your fertiliser spreader…using your phone

Fertiliser is one of the most expensive inputs used on farms across the country. It is essential to ensure it is being used as efficiently as possible.

However, the task of ensuring the spreader is running correctly can be time-consuming.

In this short video, Farmhand’s Declan Smyth shows us how to check a machine’s fertiliser spread pattern in less than five minutes – with just a set of mats and a smartphone.

Declan simply placed 16 mats across 12m of the 24m spread width. He then passed over the mats and subsequently took a photograph of each mat using his phone.

The EasyCheck app – developed by Amazone – then analysed the pictures and recommended changes that were needed – to the positions of the spreader’s vanes and to the speed of the discs.

He explained: “Along with the mats, we use an app on the phone developed by Amazone called EasyCheck. That gives you a step-by-step guide on how to use the mats, how to get the result and what to do with that result.

“It’s a step-by-step way of checking your spread pattern. It’s very convenient when you can carry the mats with you; it also gives you a solution.”

Automatic shut-off

Declan also explained some of the high-tech features available on fertiliser spreaders nowadays.

“GPS is used to monitor your on/off positions – that’s your ins and outs on the headland…and also when you’re coming into short ground. If you need to reduce the rate on one side, or when a headland is an obscure shape, it needs to shut off one side before the other.”

To find out more, take a look at the video (above).