Vaccinate NOW and get with the programme

Do the changes in IBR vaccination recommendations irritate you?

Are you confused with the mixed messages about the use of IBR vaccines – be it every year or every six months?

Do you want to use a robust and reliable – yet simple – IBR vaccination programme in your herd?

Over a number of years, advances in research – combined with field experience of using different IBR vaccines on farm – have led to changes in recommendations which may lead to some confusion.

What we now know, and what has been proven in the field since 2012, is that you can use Rispoval IBR Marker Live (the one you mix) in heifer calves from three months of age.

This is followed by Rispoval IBR Marker Inactivated (the one you don’t mix) within six months. The Rispoval IBR Marker Inactivated vaccine can then be repeated on a yearly basis.

Now is the time to start heifer calves on the Rispoval Yearly IBR Programme. A single dose of Rispoval IBR Marker Live now will set up heifer calves to join the Rispoval Yearly IBR Programme this coming winter.

We recommend starting the first single dose of Rispoval IBR Marker Live in heifer calves in June/July, when they are over three months of age, so they are fit to join the main herd vaccination programme with Rispoval IBR Marker Inactivated in November/December.

This ensures all animals in the herd are protected from IBR from a young age, and provides a lifetime, whole herd approach for comprehensive IBR protection, including protection from abortion associated with the IBR virus.

This Rispoval Yearly IBR Programme has been tried and tested in Ireland since 2012, with both vets and farmers nationwide confident from their experience that they can rely on Rispoval for IBR protection.

Since 2012, the volume of Rispoval IBR Marker vaccines used in Ireland has increased five fold, as more and more farmers are getting with the Rispoval Yearly IBR Programme.

Benefits of Rispoval Yearly IBR Programme:
  • Lifetime herd approach;
  • IBR Protection for all animals from a young age;
  • Clear and simple programme;
  • Reduction of virus shedding;
  • Prevention of IBR abortion;
  • Labour saving as fewer vaccines required;
  • Vaccination of the entire herd in December is both convenient and effective;
  • Tried and tested in Irish herds since 2012.

More information

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