The unprecedented rise in energy and electricity prices is putting farmers’ profitability under immense pressure. 

Dairy farmers are feeling the impact of these soaring electricity prices in their costs as energy providers continue to add price increases this year, with some farmers facing increases of over 50% in their annual bills.

This cost saving can easily be achieved in two short months through the rapid installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and switching to a new discounted electricity tariff which gives rise of up to 80% savings in electricity costs.

PJ O’Halloran, a dairy farmer from north Kerry, recently made the switch and installed a 10.8kWp solar PV system with Swyft Energy.

Speaking about his experience, PJ said:

“I did my research into solar PV and chose Swyft as they installed high-quality products with long warranties that would make sure I had the best return on my investment.”

Ways to lower your energy bill

1. Installing solar PV panels

By installing solar PV panels on your farm, you will power your farm by generating clean, green and free renewable energy.

This green energy will reduce your grid purchases and shelter you from future electricity price increases with approximately 70% of your energy supplied by your solar PV panels. 

Following a remote consultation, Swyft Energy will develop an initial, customised proposal tailored to your farm’s needs.

This is then followed by a free on-site technical survey of the farm’s energy requirements which results in a full proposal outlining the savings in cost and carbon emissions as well as the grants and allowances which are on offer from state agencies.  

An 10.8kWp solar PV installation completed on a dairy farm by Swyft Energy in Co. Kerry
2. Switching electricity providers

One of the easiest ways to save on your farm electricity bills and mitigate these price hikes, is to switch electricity suppliers and sign up for a new tariff with the lowest unit rate per kWh (day and night) for your farm meter usage.  

Farmers only need to sign up once with as they carry out a review and assessment on all electricity meters (including house and other farm meters) and manage the farmer’s switch to the best tariff every year

The review and assessment checks customers’ current bills, including unit rates, usage and contract dates, and then provides customers with their switch options – including calculations on their savings.

After this, the final step is finalising their details and processing their switch to the new supplier. 

Happy cattle grazing in a shed powered by solar PV

How much money can farmers save? 

In the example below, PJ, a dairy farmer milking a 52-cow herd, with heavy machinery and a successful potato business, installed 10.8kWp of solar PV and switched his electricity provider by using the online platform WeSwitchU.

Having contacted Swyft Energy and WeSwitchU about ways to lower his electricity costs, the following was the outcome.  

PJ previously had an annual electricity bill of €5,277.

Savings made by north Kerry dairy farmer PJ O’Halloran: 

  • €3,166 was saved on electricity produced by solar PV which was installed by Swyft Energy;
  • A further €579 saved when using WeSwitchU to switch electricity providers;
  • This brought their total savings for the year to €3,745, cutting his annual electricity bill by 71% to €1,532/year, giving PJ a five-year return on his investment. 
Annual electricity consumption vs solar PV production profile for PJ’s 52-cow dairy farm

What are the added benefits?    

The benefits of solar PV panels and switching electricity providers include:

  • Future-proofing your energy bills:
    • You’ll no longer be totally dependent on energy providers and at risk of external electricity price fluctuations;
    • Save up to 80% on your current electricity bills using freely available and existing roof space. 
  • Reducing your operating costs:  
    • Your solar system will have a lifetime of 25+ years, with the return on investment starting right away as soon as your panels are installed, with pay-back periods ranging from 3-7 years;
    • By installing a diverter, connected to the immersion heater, excess electricity produced from the solar PV will heat the water, thus providing free, hot water for the dairy. 
Solar PV powering a milking parlour on a corrugated shed roof
  • Reduce your carbon footprint:
    • Installing a solar PV system means you can produce clean, green renewable energy, burn fewer fossil fuels and reduce your carbon emissions;
    • You will also be protected against potential carbon taxes due to the carbon offset of solar PV. 

Swyft Energy

Swyft Energy is a solar PV and battery-storage specialist, operating nationwide with offices in both Co. Cork and Dublin. 

Swyft Energy has coupled the highest-quality products, with industry-leading warranties, and an online experience for its clients to ensure that their transition to a renewable future is as smooth and as easy as possible. 

Swyft Energy takes care of the entire process for their clients, allowing them to get a bespoke estimate online tailored to their own property.

After a free site assessment with one of its experienced engineers, clients can utilise the Swyft Store, Ireland’s only eCommerce store for Home and Agri Services, giving clients the ability to pay a deposit online and choose an installation date that best suits their needs.  

With a dedicated account manager assigned to each client, Swyft Energy takes care of the entire project, from managing SEAI and Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) grants, to installing and commissioning your solar PV system.

Swyft Energy is backed by over 500 five-star Google Reviews, an amazing team and some of Ireland’s leading institutional investors. 


WeSwitchU is an independent and impartial auto-switching service, with the sole objective to save its customers time, money and hassle on their electricity bills every year.

Save €500 on your solar PV thanks to Swyft Energy and WeSwitchU.


Use discount code AGRISOLAR when speaking with a Swyft Energy solar PV representative to receive €500 off the price of your solar PV quotation.

Click here for further information on Swyft Energy, and click here for further information on WeSwitchU,