The Twenty20 Beef Club is a fully integrated calf-to-beef programme open to both dairy calves and suckler beef calves.

It has been developed by Glanbia Ireland and Kepak to create value for their respective farmer suppliers.

The objective of the club is to sustainably produce and market Irish heifer and steer beef at a price premium.

A fully traceable input supply chain (Glanbia-supplied inputs) underpins the provenance of the programme and supports the establishment of industry-leading marketing claims.

Martin Ryan, Head of Beef at Glanbia Ireland, discusses the new premiums and bonuses available to members of the Twenty20 Beef Club

What attracts members to the Twenty20 Beef Club?

Lisa Corcoran along with her Dad, William, run a dry-stock farm in south Co. Tipperary. They have been Twenty20 Beef Club members since its launch in 2019.

What attracted Lisa to the Twenty20 Beef Club was the guaranteed minimum base price and all bonuses available.

Lisa discusses how she finds the technical support offered by both the Glanbia and Kepak teams invaluable

Twenty20 Beef Club technical support

The key objective of the programme is to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of calf-to-beef production for dairy and beef farmers.

To enable this, the Glanbia and Kepak teams provide dedicated on-farm technical support to all club members.

The support services include:

  • On-farm technical visits and workshops;
  • Forage and soil analysis and related advice;
  • Dietary and feeding advice;
  • Advice on animal health regimes and health screening support as necessary;
  • The use of Glanbia-approved feed ingredients formulated to improve feed efficiency and methane reduction;
  • The selection of cattle for slaughter.

The four key areas of focus within the programme include: Genetics; grassland management; nutrition; and animal health.

Ross Brady, Twenty20 Programme Manager at Glanbia Ireland, discusses the four key areas of focus within the programme

Ongoing technical support

All club members receive on-farm technical support from both Glanbia and Kepak teams.

Both teams want to ensure that club members receive all club bonuses available to them and work with members to ensure that key targets are met in line with the club’s specifications to maximise the return.

Edwin Carroll from Kepak discusses the technical support provided by Glanbia Ireland and Kepak

If you are interested in joining the Twenty20 Beef Club, you can download your Expression of Interest form by clicking here.

Twenty20 Beef Club

You can also download the Twenty20 Beef Club brochure by clicking here.

Twenty20 Beef Club brochure

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