The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) this week released a list of the most popular AI sires used in Ireland in 2013 for both dairy and beef.


On the dairy side Holstein bred Lauragh Evert LHZ was the most popular AI sire. LHZ has a an EBI of €272 and sired 25,693 calves this year. Holsteins made up the top five on the list and in total accounted for seven of the most popular 10 dairy bulls in the country. The most popular Friesian on the list was Piet Adema 186 PZI siring 9,453 calves in 2013.


Code         Name                                                 Breed        Number of calves

1. LHZ     (IG) Lauragh Evert                           Holstein            25,693
2. HMY    Highmount Kenny                           Holstein            25,355
3. AWB    (IG) Ballintossig Andrew               Holstein            13,505
4. DSU     (IG) Derrinsallow 812 Arthur      Holstein            10,492
5. TSK     (IG) Knockcais Tossy                       Holstein            10,168
6. PZI      Piet Adema 186                                  Friesian              9,453
7. HYZ    Scotts VHA Hydraulic S2F            Holstein             7,588
8. AYW   Carrowmanagh Andy                      Holstein             7,415
9. RVJ     Raheenarran BCG Sochar              Friesian              7,347
10. VML Barrowvale Martell 12                    Friesian             7,039


In terms of beef sires Limousin bulls made up half of the top 10 beef sires last year. The breed also had the most popular bull in Hauteclair HCA. This bull is both a popular maternal and beef on dairy sire. Last year Hauteclair sired 6,265 calves. Lisnagre Elite LGL was the second most popular bull on the beef side siring 5,402 calves in 2013. The Charolais bull is a well-known terminal sire and is noted for producing high-quality weanlings.

Code    Name                            Breed       Number of calves 

1. HCA    Hauteclair                          LM        6,265
2. LGL    Lisnagre Elite (ET)           CH        5,402
3. ADX   Ardlea Dan                          LM       5,201
4. RHF    Roundhill Dara 1069      LM      5,024
5. FTK     Messager de Fooz             BB      4,128
6. BBQ     Ballyfin Borat (ET)            BB       3,988
7. OZS     Ozeus                                     LM      3,885
8. MLJ    Mogeely Joe H979           AA      3,122
9. NHL     Netherhall Epic                 LM      3,093
10. APZ   Curaheen Apostle (ET)    SI      3,047