Tired of replacing timber stakes on your farm?

The average lifespan of a timber stake is just 15 years. For many farmers, this simply isn’t long enough to provide a return on investment.

The cost of erecting a stock-proof fence varies significantly from farm to farm. However, one thing remains constant – you will need posts to keep the fence upright.

Critical to any fence’s lifespan are solid and robust fencing poles or stakes. In instances where timber stakes are used – and they begin to breakdown – the fence’s stock-proofing integrity comes under treat.

In many cases, the lifespan of a timber stake does not live up to expectations; farmers may find themselves having to replace such stakes after just a short period of time.

Is there an alternative?

Founded in 2007, Clipex – an Australian success story – has brought an alternative product to the Irish market, which is claimed to have a lifespan of 30 years.

The company is now offering Irish farmers a complete fencing system and innovative stock handling solutions, as part of its growing product line.

Some 10 years ago, the fencing system was invented by Ashley Olsson.

It offers a simple, yet innovative, clip-in design which is significantly cheaper than stapling. It’s become a market leader in the competitive Australian fencing sector and is ideal for a wide variety of landscapes in Ireland.


As opposed to traditional timber stake and wire fencing methods, the Clipex fencing system offers a whole host of benefits.

Time is the most valuable resource farmers have. Clipex posts are guaranteed to give you more of it, as fencing can be erected in half, and in some cases a third, of the time of traditional fencing methods.

In addition, the posts use a new, strong strength-to-weight design; they’re made with a minimum of 450-grade, high-tensile steel.

All Clipex posts feature a backing plate at ground level. This gives the posts strength where it matters most. The flanges of the Clipex post also provide strong resistance to movement.

Another key feature of Clipex posts is their ease-of-use. Clipex is so simple to understand; it does not require specialist tools or experienced tradesmen. Simply push the wire into the clip and it’s attached.

Clipex’s unique Dacromet clip saves hours stapling and requires less time bent down fixing bottom wires. The unique Clipex post design drives into almost any soil type with ease.

The lightweight yet high-tensile strength of Clipex makes it a much more manageable product to handle and erect – especially in challenging terrain.

The Irish HQ

Clipex has opened its European headquarters in Ennis, Co. Clare, creating six jobs. The European expansion of the family-owned and operated Australian company is in partnership with Irish fencing contractor Kevin Lernihan.

Speaking about why the company chose Co. Clare, Ned Olsson said: “Our business is built around people and in Kevin we have found someone who shares the same ethos as us.

“His solid reputation matches Clipex’s record of delivering innovative products that are game changers for the farming sector – more cost effective, time saving and often with strong health and safety benefits for farmers.”

Kevin Lernihan pictured with Ashley Olsson

Lernihan is thrilled to be associated with such a highly-respected brand, adding: “The Clipex Fencing System is the single-biggest change in fencing systems over 100 years.

“The Olssons have revolutionised the way in which a strong, durable and easily-maintained fence is constructed.

“It’s 10 times faster than traditional methods to install and we’re very proud to represent Clipex in Ireland and Europe.”

The Olsson family also joined Kevin Lernihan at this September’s National Ploughing Championship in Tullamore where their patented Clipex Sheep Handler and HD Work Area Cattle Yard gained a lot of traction with the Irish audience.

Lernihan added: “We’re delighted with the reception Clipex Fencing is already receiving among Ireland’s farming community.

“The products adapt excellently from stony ground in the west of Ireland to the flatter terrain of the midlands. What’s more is traditional timber has a lifespan of about 15 years. It offers a steel post system that will last in excess of 30 years.”

Interested in Clipex?

To celebrate the launch into Ireland, Clipex will be offering selected products on special for the coming weeks. For more information call Clipex at: 087-6209612. Click here for more information