Tillage management: Early control of disease on wheat

Some crops of winter wheat may have received a T0 in the last few days and some forward crops may have received T1 sprays to begin the disease control programme.

The T1 spray will be the priority for many farmers and this should be applied at GS31 to GS32. The T1 application is aimed at protecting the third last leaf (leaf three).

It may be necessary to dissect the crop and see exactly where leaf three is. This will give a good idea of timing, as the T1 application should be applied when leaf three is fully emerged.

Septoria is the main disease risk. Chlorothalonil should be applied at T1. This is important from an anti-resistance point of view.

Where septoria pressure is low, a triazole mix can be applied at this timing. Triazoles should be applied at the full label rate in this situation.

However, if disease pressure is high, a triazole and an SDHI should be applied. This may not require the full rate of product, but this will depend on the disease pressure.


Where eyespot is an issue, it should be targeted at T1. Ascra, Cauldron and Proline with Treoris are among some of the options for eyespot control.


Mildewcide may be added where mildew can be seen in crops.


Rust will be targeted at the T2 application.