Thinking of changing your milk tank?

The purchase of a milk tank is a significant investment, and as a piece of equipment expected to last up to 20 years, it is a decision to be taken with a view to how your farm is likely to develop.

Increasing levels of technology on the farm and an increasing use of IT for farm management means that the milk tank chosen today should be compatible with the farm management system of tomorrow.

The milk cooling system that makes life easier for you, does more to protect your milk, provides the lowest cost of milk cooling and gives you the greatest peace of mind, is the tank to help you achieve the vision for your farm.

Correct cooling and storage of the milk is of vital importance to ensure milk quality is maintained from milking until collection, thus ensuring maximum price can be obtained. Many factors contribute to the optimum care of the milk, from the tank construction and cooling technology used, to the washing and control systems.

With finance available, now is the time to be making an investment in a new milk tank.

Reasons to upgrade your tank:

  • Peace of mind is everything and knowing your milk is safely stored is reassuring. Dairymaster’s thermal performance and two-way communication can put your mind at ease.
  • When it comes to value for money, this is an area Dairymaster will not be beaten on. The build quality, energy saving and intelligent features are all added benefits on the milk tank, allowing farmers to get more for their money.
  • Future proof your investment with a Dairymaster tank which can be updated remotely, ensuring the farmer always has the latest technology and saving time whereby a site visit may be removed.
  • Dairymaster uses thicker steel as standard and has more insulation than others on the market, meaning superior build quality.
  • The SwiftCool wash system has been designed to provide thorough and fast cleaning every time. The powerful, high-capacity wash pump ensures a quicker wash all at the touch of a button.
  • The CoolControl feature gives ultimate control such as a large LCD screen, quick start push buttons, milk level measurement, night mode plus much more. This CoolControl technology allows the farmer to carry out tasks even when he/she is not present on the farm.
  • Text message functionality allows the farmer to communicate with the milk tank. For example, if the wash is not activated after milk collection, a text is sent to the farmer to activate the wash. The farmer can send a command to the tank to carry out this function.
  • The Dairymaster tank is one of the most energy efficient tanks on the market. Cooling is optimised to the level of milk in the tank. Excellent thermal performance means milk temperature changes <0.5° if left unpowered for an entire day, saving you money. With night mode function further savings of up to 25% of annual cooling costs can be made.
  • Dairymaster has a tank suited to all dairies with over 54 different sizes to choose from. The milk tank can be customised to fit any dairy, depending on dimensions, capacity and control systems.
  • Insufficient space is never an issue as the milk tanks are suitable for inside or outside use, due to their weatherproof build.
  • The SwiftCool Milk Cooling Silo is the optimum solution where there is a demand for high volume on-farm milk cooling and storage. Silos are often installed when it is impractical to extend the existing building or uneconomical to build new premises, to house conventional milk tanks.

Win-win situation

Dairymaster has combined a high-quality tank with technology, to allow farmers to get more for their money. It is a win-win situation as you do not need to worry about the milk anymore, and you also have more money in your pocket.

The SwiftCool Milk tank is compatible with any milking system and can bring many advantages to the overall performance of your dairy operation.

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