The key vision of the National Diary Council ( NDC ) is to give consumers of all ages compelling reasons to stock their fridges every day with a range of quality fresh Irish dairy products for everyone to enjoy.

This is according to Zoe Kavanagh, ceo of the NDC, who is speaking at the Teagasc Moorepark Milk Quality Conference in Tipperary this morning.

NDC mission is to deliver real value to Irish dairy farmers by protecting and promoting the image, quality, taste and nutritional credentials of Irish dairy produce to a wide variety of audiences in a clearly defined, focused, unique and effective manner, she explained.

According to the CEO the NDC aims by the end of 2015 is to ensure a strong robust NDC mark clearly differentiating Republic of Ireland milk for consumers and retailers, and to successfully protect and enhance the reputation of the dairy industry, She noted that its annual milk quality awards are key to this.

The NDC aims to work toward a dairy industry standing for quality, sustainability and excellence in dairy farming and therefore well positioned to exploit abolition of milk quotas, she concluded.

Pictured Zoe Kavanagh of the NDC