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A national grid that brings a safe, secure supply of electricity to every part of Ireland is essential for the growth of our local communities and our economy. At EirGrid, we operate and maintain the transmission grid and plan ahead for future growth, to match the needs of a changing Ireland.eirgrid 1

A key part of that planning is to engage in public consultations and work closely with landowners and local communities, where upgrades or new work is going to be carried out.

In January 2014, following public consultations, we announced a number of initiatives to address concerns. Some common themes emerged from these consultations.

These initiatives were around better ways to develop the electricity network, recognising peoples’ concerns and putting specific structures in place in the way we work with landowners and other stakeholders.

This means that from now on, communication between EirGrid, landowners and other local individuals and groups will be clearer and everyone will understand what our plans are and what options are available. To help make this happen, we are launching a series of new commitments.

We are developing a Landowner Charter which will structure and improve how we communicate and liaise with landowners where work is to be carried out. It will also define the response time when farmers and landowners can expect to have their queries answered.

We are appointing Agricultural Liaison Officers who will be located regionally and will liaise with landowners on all agricultural and equine matters. This liaison will take place at each stage of the planning and construction process.

As the work is being completed, they will ensure that everything has been done to the landowners’ and farmers’ satisfaction.

We are developing a Landowner’s Handbook that clearly explains all of the issues raised during consultation. We are addressing the issue of underground lines and the use of new transmission technology that has less of a visual impact on the landscape, as well as the use of machinery, health and safety and animal welfare near overhead lines.

We envisage that the majority of these will be implemented during 2015. As a company, EirGrid is committed to working with landowners across Ireland, to develop the best possible electricity.

For more information, visit or call EirGrid on 01 702 66 42.

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