The Terra range is a sustainable fertilisers solution that facilitates a 25% reduction in nitrogen (N) application on-farm.

It is a granular product from Target Fertilisers that includes a bio-stimulant called PSI 362, which works by stimulating the nitrate transponders in the plant to take up more of the free N in the soil, therefore facilitating a reduction in N application.

Why was the Terra Range developed?

Target Fertilisers is dedicated to the sustainability of fertiliser use and the future of Irish agriculture. The company is always looking for ways to use fertiliser more effectively and sustainably to increase production.

As a result, it collaborated with Brandon Biosciences to create a line of environmentally friendly fertiliser solutions, and the Terra range was born.

How does it work?

The biostimulant PSI 362 increases the biological functions of the plant by using particular marine extracts from the seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum.

All the Terra range of products from Target Fertilisers are granular, coated with PSI 362 during manufacture.

PSI 362 increases the biological functions of the plant

It works at the root level of the plant to activate certain N receptors. This raises the plant’s nitrate levels, which results in better agricultural yields.

As a result, Terra products with reduced nitrogen contents will produce crops with yields that are similar to those of traditional products. The Terra product line improves nutrient usage efficiency and can help farmers comply with environmental standards outlined in The Climate Action Plan.

What is the research saying?

Research was carried out by Brandon Bioscience and Target Fertilisers across the Terra product range. In one trial they looked at the average daily grass growth rate using TerraCAN + S (treated) and SuperCAN + S (untreated).

In a grass silage trial carried out across five farms, TerraCUT + S (20N 2P 12K 2S) was compared to Target CUT +S (24N 2.5P 10K 2S).

Trial 1: Grazing trial May-August 2021

There were 147 units of N applied in the form of SuperCAN and 111 units of N applied in the form of TerraCAN, this is a 24.5% reduction in N applied. TerraCAN produced 59kg dry matter (DM)/ha/day while SuperCAN produced 62kg DM/ha/day.

Trial 2: Grass silage trials 2021

In a second grass silage trial carried out across five farms, TerraCUT + S (20N 2P 12K 2S) was compared to Target CUT + S (24N 2.5P 10K 2S).

The average application rate across the five farms was 3.2 bags/ac for both products. The average yield over the five farms in the trial was 4,068kg DM/ha for TerraCUT + S and 4,086kg DM/ha in the case of Target CUT + S.

Despite the lower N application using the TerraCut + S the grass DM yield on each farm is similar.

What are farmers saying about the Terra range?

A Galway dairy farmer had the following to say about the Terra range from Target Fertilisers.

“The farm is heavily stocked, so it is a number one priority for us to feed the farm appropriately. With the Terra range, it is quite remarkable that you can use less N and grow the same amount of grass.  It’s a real win-win for the environment and farmers alike,” he said.

“It’s amazing how it works. When I am carrying out grass walks, I can see the N being used,” the farmer continued.

“I can tell when all the N has been used up by the growth rate and the colour; not so obvious to us when applying other N fertilisers.

“The Terra range fits into our system very well. While it may seem expensive, when you breakdown the performance it costs the same as regular CAN but with the added benefit of reducing our chemical N use.”

What are the advantages?

The Terra range of fertilisers is an on-farm cost-neutral solution. The cost of the addition of the bio-stimulant to the Terra range is offset by the reduction in the level of N added to the product.

When compared to straight N and high N compounds, the Terra products, with 25% less N, have shown similar yields. This presents a wonderful opportunity to meet climate change targets by lowering N application while maintaining high output by simply using the Terra range.

For further information on the Terra range from Target, click here.