Teagasc and Animal Health Ireland are to host a series on calf care events across the country through January and February.

The events, which are supported by Volac, are run in conjunction with a number of the major dairy co-ops.

According to the AHI, calfhood diseases have a major impact on the economic viability of farm operations, due to the direct costs of calf losses and treatment and the long-term effects on performance.

On top of the financial losses, it says calf diseases also account for additional workloads and frustrations for the people responsible for the care of the calves on farm.

The AHI says on many farms, calf health and performance can be improved markedly by breaking with some outdated traditions and introducing a few simple and inexpensive changes.

Calf Rearing – 4 Steps to Success

  • Do you spend time that you can’t afford treating sick calves each Spring?
  • Want to know the latest research about the benefits of milk replacer in disease control?
  • Are you concerned about the level of calf mortality in your herd?
  • Are you unsure of the best management practices to prevent the introduction and spread of disease?
  • Interested in labour saving tips to reduce your time involved in calf rearing?

If you can answer “YES” to any of the above questions, you should come along to the Teagasc/Animal Health Ireland CalfCare Open Days to find out more about the following topics:

  • Colostrum Management
  • milk Powder or Whole Milk?
  • Controlling & Managing Cryptosporidium & Coccidiosis
  • Easing the Work Load in Calf Rearing