TAMS grants: Calculating reference costs for slurry equipment grants

Among the items eligible for grant aid under TAMS II will be low-emission slurry spreading equipment.

Farmers will be able to avail of grant aid of 40% with eligible young farmers entitled to grant aid of 60% for the equipment.

Spreading slurry with low emission equipment will be a key stipulation for many farmers who signed up to the GLAS scheme as the method contributes to ammonia and climate targets.

The online system for preparing applications for the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme element of TAMS II is now open.

The TAMS system can be accessed directly through the Department’s website by farmers who are registered for online services via the Department’s Agfood facility.

Calculating Reference costs for slurry equipment

Example: Trailing shoe 

X is the linear width of the trailing shoe in metres

Y is the reference cost in €.

Reference Cost €y = 1,770 x X + 7,900.

If the width of the trailing shoe attachment is 6 metres, to get the cost, multiply 6m x €1,770 and then add €7900. This gives a cost of €18,520.00 for the attachment.

TAMS II reference costs

  • Slurry tanker (per) litres y= 2.2x -5600
  • Trailing shoe attachment with macerator (per) linear metres y = 1770x + 7900
  • Shallow injection attachment with macerator (per) linear metres y = 2780x + 11300
  • Dribble bar spreader attachment (per) linear metres y = 1560x + 2500
  • Retrofit dribble bar to existing tanker(per) linear metres y = 1560x + 2500

Umbilical System

  • Base pump, hose reel and fittings item €14,516.00
  • Lay flat hose and fittings linear metres €13.00
  • Trailing Shoe attachment (per) linear metres y = 1770x + 7900
  • Shallow Injection attachment (per) linear metres y = 2780x + 11300
  • Dribble Bar attachment (per) linear metres y = 1560x + 2500