‘Take rests – don’t work 24-hour days’

“Look after number one; farm safety must be top of the list.” That was the most important message that came from the series of Teagasc winter crop walks last week.

Attendees to the walks, held over four days, received plenty of information on crop husbandry. However, the most important message was that farm safety must be top of the agenda on all farms.

As tillage farmers enter into what is going to be a very busy period, Teagasc tillage specialist Shay Phelan told them to put farm safety to the front of their minds.

We’re coming to a very busy time now on most tillage farms. Unfortunately, we had another fatality at the weekend (week ending February 11).

“Bear in mind – over the next couple of months – that you’re going to have long days and long nights. Take rests; don’t try to do 24-hour days. Make sure you look after number one; the crops will look after themselves.”

Shay stressed that farm safety must be top of the list all year round.

It’s something that – as farmers and an industry – we have to keep in the forefront of our minds all of the time.

Some useful safety checklists and tips are available from the Health and Safety Authority’s website

Health and safety inspections

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is set to undertake three targeted agriculture inspection campaigns during the coming year. 400 of these will take place in February.

These will include:
  • February: Livestock Safety;
  • May: Vehicle Safety;
  • October: Safe Working at Heights.