Start-up of the Month: Wicklow Rapeseed Oil Company launched this November in South County Wicklow.

Offering a new range of premium Irish oils grown by Keith Symes on his farm in South County Wicklow, Wicklow Rapeseed Oil range comprises rapeseed oil and rapeseed oil with garlic.

Wicklow Rapeseed Oils are natural, traceable and GM free. The seed is freshly cold pressed without the use of chemicals, thereby gently extracting the oil and preserving all its natural goodness while obtaining its extra virgin standard.

Speaking to AgriLand, Keith Symes, farmer and owner of Wicklow Rapeseed Oil, said: “I am delighted to be launching at a time when consumers are becoming more health conscious and know how good rapeseed oils are for you. I spent a lot of time cold pressing various seed varieties until the finest tasting rapeseed oil was achieved.”

Symes comes from a background of three generations of agricultural family farming, originally farming sheep, tillage and dairy. Symes said that in order for small to medium-sized farmers in Ireland to survive in the long term they must either find an off-farm income or diversify.

Rapeseed oil has the lowest amount of saturated fat than any other culinary oil in the market and is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9. Top cardiologists recommend rapeseed oil as part of a low-cholesterol diet. Rapeseed oil contains Vitamin E. This vitamin has a number of very important functions, (for example it helps protect cell membranes by acting as an antioxidant). Vitamin E is also necessary to preserve Omega 3 in cooking, helping to keep its nutritional value.

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil is currently available nationwide here. The latest stockiest are updated weekly on its website.

Pictured Keith Symes, farmer and owner of Wicklow Rapeseed Oil