Stark tractor footage highlights issue of dangerous motorists

An agricultural contractor has underlined the issue of dangerous driving incidents faced by tractor drivers on a regular basis with a series of stark footage showing the extent of the problem.

Dashcam footage from the contractor’s tractor shows a montage of incidents over the past two years showing motorists blatantly flouting road safety and rules of the road through reckless overtaking and cutting off actions.

The contractor in question – Cox Agricultural Services, based in Somerset, England – described the montage of incidents as “a few clips of some of the finer driving witnessed while out and about” over the past number of months.

Though taken in the UK, the footage accurately sums up the challenges that many Irish contractors also regularly face.

The incidents involve a number of vehicles including: cars; vans; lorries; and even what appears to be a road sweeper.

The footage shows a number of close calls and near escapes, with drivers lucky to avoid collision with oncoming traffic in the opposite direction.
Image source: Cox Agricultural Services

In addition, a couple of incidents were recorded where the contractor was about to turn into a field off the road only to be cut off by impatient drivers speeding past.

The video can also be viewed on the Cox Agricultural Services Facebook page here.

Image source: Cox Agricultural Services
dangerous driving contractor
Image source: Cox Agricultural Services