Some 2,200 Irish bulls en route to Libya

A shipment of approximately 2,200 Irish bulls are en route to Libya after the consignment was loaded by a Meath-based exporting company earlier this week.

The shipment comprises of approximately 30% beef bulls destined for slaughter, with the remaining 70% being stores weighing between 350-450kg.

The ship, the Panama-registered Express 1, left the Irish coast in the early hours of Wednesday morning and it is expected to dock in Libya on December 10.

It is understood that this will be the final shipment of Irish cattle to the North African country before the year closes.

The exporter behind the operation, Viastar, was also involved in the live-export of Irish cattle to the Turkish market.

It is estimated that total number of cattle shipped to Turkey so far this year has exceeded the 11,000 head mark.

In total, four vessels containing bulls on varying weights have left Irish shores since September, with the latest shipment expected to dock in the Turkish port of Mersin in three days time.

It is also understood that a further two vessels will leave for Turkey before the year ends.

Department must do more to open live-export markets

IFA National Livestock Chairman, Angus Woods, has said that the Department of Agriculture most do more to promote the live-export of Irish cattle.

Woods called on the Department to increase resources and dedicated personnel on market access and to prioritise the live trade.

He also said that Minister Creed must work to remove the barriers on the live trade to Northern Ireland and Britain.

He added that the IFA has worked hard to open the Turkish market for live exports and it is positive to see ships sailing every odd week at this stage.