Dromone Engineering is well known for the manufacture of the highest quality tractor hitches. The Dromone Ball & Spoon Coupling System is the safest and most effective on the market today; it’s one of the best investments a farmer or contractor can make for their business.

This was the message from Sinead Scrivener, parts director for Fastparts – the parts and components division of farm machinery distributor Farmhand.

Barry White of Whites Agri Services Ltd transports winter barley in two new Smyth trailers fitted with the Dromone Ball & Spoon Coupling System.

“We’re very happy with the ball and spoon system and will definitely be retro-fitting them to a lot more of our implements in the future,” said Barry.

Improved safety

Towing with the ball and spoon coupling is smooth and safe, giving you the confidence to tow at the speeds your tractor was designed for. The risk of worn tow-rings escaping is eliminated – giving you peace of mind.

“It’s a lot safer on the road and out spraying in the field when the booms are folded out and the sprayer is getting empty; there is none of this up and down movement with the ball and spoon.

dromone ball-and-spoon hitch

For tipping trailers as well, with the older system when the trailer was tipped up there would be a slight three or four inches of movement on the hitch that became dangerous as the hitch became worn. There is none of this risk with the ball and spoon system,” commented Barry.


The Dromone Ball & Spoon Coupling System allows for fully automatic coupling from the cab of the tractor with no need to leave the cab during coupling/uncoupling.

“It’s a very simple system when coupling up; you drop the hitch, hook up, pull it in and it’s locked in place in one go,” explained Barry.

The system is automatic and interchangeable with a hook and drawbar. No hitch modifications are required.

“To go back to the original drawbar is just the same as changing an ordinary hook; pull the pin out and swap and you’re back to where you started,” said Barry.

No more hitch shunt

35° of oscillation in all directions allows for safer, shunt-free towing – even in extreme conditions.

The security of the coupling eliminates rattling from empty trailers, providing not only the quietest towing experience but also preventing the hitch from becoming loose.

“It’s a lot smoother on the road. We have 65kph tractors and when they brake there is a lot less shunting,” said Barry.

90% less hitch wear than a hook-and-eye

The Dromone Ball & Spoon is a coupling system with a defined greasing point that evenly distributes the grease over the coupling, reducing wear on the system.

“Much less maintenance is required for this system; once you keep greasing it, it’s basically going to last a lifetime,” remarked Barry.

There is 90% less wear and hitch damage compared to using traditional towing rings, reducing your overall operating costs.

“By having multiple tractors fitted with the ball and spoon system we reduced our operating costs, which is always a positive,” said Barry.

“With other hitches we have used after a season or two a lot of wear had occurred and we had to replace them; but with this system there is no more replacing; it should be a life-time job.”

Further information

For further information on the Dromone Ball & Spoon Coupling System please contact your local Fastparts dealer, or speak to Stephen McCormack on: +353 (0)1-812-9751.