Siúcra’s Frozen Meringue Cake with Strawberries If you are looking for a spectacular, great tasting dessert, look no further than Siúcra’s frozen meringue cake with strawberries. This is a new twist on a traditional meringue recipe, making it a guaranteed crowd pleaser. About eight servings Ingredients: Two meringue cake bases measuring 24cm across 300ml whipping cream 200ml low-fat crème fraîche 30g Siúcra Icing Sugar 50g Dime nuggets 75ml chocolate sauce 750g strawberries Method: Draw one circle measuring 24cm in diameter on greaseproof paper. Put one of the meringue discs into a spring form tin, on top of the greaseproof paper. Drizzle with most of the chocolate sauce. Whip the cream with the icing sugar until firm. Fold in the crème fraîche and Dime nuggets. Spread the cream mixture over the meringue disc and top with the second meringue disc. Drizzle with the remaining chocolate sauce. Freeze for at least five hours. Remove the cake from the freezer and let thaw for 15 minutes before serving. Serve with strawberries. Become a fan on Facebook for the latest Siúcra updates.