Saving big on your farm insurance ‘takes some of the pressure off’

Zurich Farm Insurance provides great deals for customers, through its Direct and Partnership channels. Zurich is one of Ireland’s leading insurers, with a team of farm experts strategically located across the country. The team have over 130 years’ experience in delivering superior farm insurance cover, rapid claims payments and expert customer support.

Most people don’t compare insurance as often as they should, meaning many customers may be renewing their existing farm insurance policy every year without realising they could make a saving by switching to another insurance company – all while retaining the same level of protection, or even gaining enhanced benefits.

Zurich is committed to making sure its customers have the right level of cover while offering the best price and security. It is also dedicated to finding solutions that deliver the best choice to its customers.

Zurich’s farm business development manager for the south-east, Joe Nolan commented:

“Zurich customers can rest assured knowing with our proven claims record of paying 99%* of claims – and consistent premiums from year to year – our farm insurance gives you comprehensive cover at the price you expect and the reassurance that we’ll be there to help whenever you need us.”

‘Best price from the start’

Shane Fitzgerald is a Zurich customer with a 90ha dairy farm in Co. Waterford with 250 cattle. Shane operates a low-risk dairy farm in partnership with his father John and mother Bernadette.

Shane is a great example of someone who trusted the advice from his FDC financial advisor, and this helped him make a saving with Zurich when he switched. This shows the importance of working closely with your financial planner to get the best deals on offer for you.

After renewing his existing farm insurance policy for many years, Shane wanted to shop around for the best deal while still maintaining a similar level of cover for his farm.

He was referred to Zurich Farm Insurance through its partnership with FDC Group, and as an FDC client, Shane availed of additional benefits. Shane has since taken out the same level of cover with Zurich as his previous policy while also making a significant saving of €3,000** since switching from his previous insurer.

Shane had been with his previous insurer for 15 years but, he wanted to explore if any savings could be made with a different provider.

By taking out his farm insurance policy with Zurich through the recommendation from FDC, Shane also received a €100 savings voucher which allowed him to start a long-term savings plan with Zurich.

Shane commented: “Since my first contact with Joe Nolan right through to taking out the policy, everything was very professional and efficient with Zurich.

“Joe called out to the farm and went through everything with me. Having both experience in the agriculture industry and a hands-on approach was very appreciated and more personal than dealing with someone over the phone.”

Farm visits are conducted safely on farm, even during restrictions and with social distancing measures taken, to ensure current government compliance and with the safety of both the farmer and advisor to the fore. In addition, there is also the option for video conferencing for those who wish to avail of a remote discussion.

Shane further spoke about the confidence instilled by Joe’s visit and the savings to be made, saying:

Joe said he would give me the best price from the start and that straight away gave me a sense of Zurich’s trust, honesty and integrity as an insurer.

“There are definitely savings to be made when shopping around. I ended up getting the exact same level of cover as with my previous policy, but with the advantage of being able to avail of enhanced benefits as a client of FDC.

“As a farmer, and particularly during times of uncertainty, being able to save on your farm insurance helps with cashflow. This big saving now takes some of the pressure off. But I didn’t just save money – everything, from start to finish, went smoothly.”

Tailored cover

Graham Minogue, Zurich’s head of agri direct, spoke about his team’s deep understanding of the farm business and individual customer’s needs, saying:

Our number one priority is the customer and ensuring they feel secure and supported from day one. We pride ourselves on our reliability, our honesty, and our ability to offer customers tailored cover that guarantees the best deals for them.

Zurich provides customers with hands-on support and advice to ensure customers are getting the right cover from their insurance policy while ensuring the entire process runs smoothly.

As part of Zurich’s partnership with FDC, it has helped its clients to protect their farm while offering additional benefits:

These benefits include:

  • A full farm visit, concentrating on the adequacy of the sums insured and ensuring farmers have accurate liability cover for employees;
  • Receive clear direction around farm entities and limited companies;
  • With a history of setting 99%* of claims, Zurich will be there when they need them.

Find out more

Zurich has many existing farm partners such as FDC; the Irish Cattle and Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA); Dairygold; and the Irish Grain Growers Group (IGGG), offering fantastic benefits to farmers at a discounted price. In addition, you can also avail of excellent offerings, dealing directly with Zurich Farm Insurance – with many different tailored options available, for your individual needs.

Zurich, based in Co. Wexford, gives customers the reassurance of dealing with a specialised underwriting team and reliable claims team; all backed up by a team of farm insurance experts positioned around the country with enhanced experience.

To find out more about Zurich Farm Insurance, contact the Zurich farm team on: 053-915-7464; or email: [email protected].

Terms and conditions and underwriting criteria may apply.

*From January to December 2019, on average we paid out on 99% of motor, home, and farm insurance claims.

** Savings based on a like-for-like cover comparison for a private dwelling house, general farm property, farm outbuildings, livestock, employers, public and products liability, agricultural vehicles, trailers and personal accident cover.

Zurich Insurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.