Roscommon and Westmeath shoppers buy more milk than other counties – Tesco

Shoppers in Roscommon and Westmeath buy more milk than the rest of the country, new research from Tesco has shown.

In a supermarket sweep of county shopping lists, Tesco has analysed the most popular shopping basket additions across the country.

The research has revealed that some products are making shopping lists more regularly in particular counties.

Roscommon and Westmeath shoppers buy more milk, and cream than other counties, while Kildare purchases more fresh beef compared to other shoppers.

The people of Monaghan and Cavan are starting the day off well with breakfast. Monaghan shoppers buy the most breakfast cereals while in Cavan, breakfast meats such as sausages, bacon and pudding were more common than in other counties, Tesco found.

Tesco shoppers in Cork are fans of bakery bread such as baguettes compared to other counties and shoppers in Leitrim buy more sliced pan than other counties.

Root vegetables are a hit with Mayo shoppers while people in Galway are leaning more towards prepared vegetables and wholefoods (nuts and dried fruit), the study found.

Dongeal shoppers are opting for more probiotic drinks and berries than the rest of the country while fresh lamb and pork are a favourite of Sligo shoppers.

Dubliners are buying more bagged salad, eggs, cheese and salad ingredients including avocados, beetroot, radish and spring onions than other counties.

The research shows that Wexford shoppers are the sauciest in the country with mayonnaise, tomato sauce and brown sauce being purchased more in the south east county.

Clare shoppers are fans of butter and spreads while chilled juice drinks such as orange juice are popular in Kerry.

Pasta, rice and cous cous are purchased more in Louth than the rest of the country while chicken is a hit in Wicklow.

Ice cream and cooking sauces are purchased more in Waterford than the rest of Ireland and people from Meath are fans of coleslaw, the research shows.

Laois shoppers buy more baby food than other counties and Tipperary shoppers buy the most dog and cat food.

Tesco says that for household laundry shoppers in Carlow and Offaly would pair well together with Carlow buying more detergent and Offaly shoppers buying more fabric conditioner than the rest of the country.

Christine Heffernan, Tesco Ireland Corporate Affairs Director said that it’s interesting to see such diversity across the country when it comes to product preferences.

Tesco is one of the world’s biggest buyer of Irish food and drink, purchasing €1.6 billion of Irish food and drink including €931m for export to Tesco’s international stores.

Tesco’s research shows that regional shopper preferences include;

  • Carlow: Detergent, crisps and nuts.
  • Cavan: Breakfast meats; sausage, pudding and bacon, frozen vegetables.
  • Clare: Butter.
  • Cork: Bakery bread i.e. baguettes.
  • Donegal: Berries, probiotic drinks.
  • Dublin: Bagged salad, chilled salad (avocados, beetroot, radish, spring onions), eggs, cheese.
  • Galway: Wholefoods (nuts and dried fruit), prepared vegetables.
  • Kerry: Chilled juices drink (orange juice).
  • Kildare Over index for fresh beef.
  • Leitrim: Bread (sliced pan).
  • Laois: Baby food.
  • Limerick Over index for fresh pork and soft drinks.
  • Longford: Deodorant.
  • Louth: Dry staples; rice, cous cous, noodles and pasta, salt and pepper.
  • Mayo: Root vegetables.
  • Meath: Coleslaw.
  • Monaghan:  Breakfast cereals.
  • Offaly:  Fabric conditioner.
  • Roscommon: Milk, cream, soup.
  • Sligo: Fresh meat – lamb, fresh meat – pork, garlic.
  • Tipperary: Pet food.
  • Waterford: Ice cream, cooking sauces i.e. bolognese, gravy granules.
  • Westmeath: Over index for milk and cream.
  • Wexford: Mayonnaise, tomato sauce and brown sauce.
  • Wicklow: Chicken.