‘Reduce your calving interval by up to 15 days with Heatime system’

Dairy farmers can reduce calving intervals by up to 15 days using the Heatime system, according to its distributors in Ireland – Efficient Farm Systems.

Recent Teagasc research has found that each missed heat is costing dairy farmers €250 and that timing is everything.  Over 70% of cows come into heat between 7.00pm and 9.00am.

The Heatime system, a radio frequency collar worn by cows, combines cows heat detection, rumination, early illness detection and identification functionality to give Irish dairy farmers the ability to monitor their cows in real-time.

Distributed by Efficient Farm Systems the collar contains a motion sensor, microprocessor, memory and specially-tuned microphone that detect the cow’s activity and rumination.

How does it work

“Each collar collects information and transmits it wirelessly to a monitor via an antennae positioned above the Dairy every 20 mins by radio frequency technology,” according to Alan Heaney, of Efficient Farm Systems.

“So, the information in the system is up-to-date at all times, no matter where the cow is located in the yard, buildings or surrounding grazing paddock.

“With the microphone, the rumination monitoring gives precise information on early illness detection and nutritional disorders.

“This unique combination of activity monitoring and rumination monitoring revolutionizes dairy farm management, enabling timely, data-based decision making on heat detection and cow health.

According to Efficient Farm Systems the main advantages of the system are;

  1. 95% accurate heat detection
  2. Early illness detection – milk fevers, grass tetany, ketosis etc.
  3. Reduce your calving interval by up to 15 days
  4. Integrated automatic drafting system
  5. Save time and money – no more tail painting
  6. Mobile app available

It also says the product comes with new internet enabled features such as “Health Cow 24” which gives the user remote access to the health and reproductive status of the herd in real time.

In association with Efficient Farm Systems.

If you are interested in accessing more information or entering a free draw to win 10 Heatime collars with full monitoring system, click on this link or visit www.efsltd.ie