Record maize yields on the cards for 2016

Maize crops yielding between 20-25t/ac will be commonplace in Ireland this year, according to Maizetech’s John Foley.

“We are seeing a unique combination of mature cobs on green plants and crops maturing two-to-three weeks earlier than expected,” he said.

“We have never had this set of circumstances prevailing before. Early indications are that overall crop dry matters will be in the region of 30% with starch percentages coming in at similar levels.

“Farmers growing forage maize this year can look forward to excellent feeding value from the crops they are ensiling now.”

Foley confirmed that maize crops have grown equally well in a range of locations across Ireland this year.

I have been talking to farmers and contractors in the south east, the midlands and the north east. And I am getting the same story from everyone: maize has never looked better.

“I have also seen some initial analysis results back from Teagasc confirming that cob dry matters are in the region of 55%. These are truly astounding figures.”

Foley also said that the harvest in the south east is now about half way through.

“I am travelling around the country this week, in order to gauge the progress being made by farmers and contractors in getting maize crops of the land and safely ensiled.

“In simple terms we have a week’s decent weather coming our way. So I would strongly urge growers to have their maize harvest completed before the weather turns.

“The coming days will present a perfect opportunity to get maize harvested under optimal conditions. And, again, these are circumstances which very rarely present themselves in Ireland.”

Forecast looks good for harvesting

The forecast is for the weather to stay mainly dry over the next few days with just a few showers about.

High pressure over Scandinavia is producing an easterly airflow over Ireland which is blocking out our usual Atlantic rain.

However, Met Eireann forecast charts show the strong possibility of the Atlantic rain breaking through the block on Friday, bringing back changeable weather for next weekend.