Recommended lists: Two new additions to spring wheat varieties

Two new spring wheat varieties have been added to the provisionally recommended list – the only new varieties to be added to the spring cereal lists this season.

The lists were published by the Department of Agriculture this week.

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Spring wheat may be a more attractive option than usual for some this season as tillage farmers will be trying to spread the workload at harvest, following poor planting conditions for winter cereals in the autumn.

KWS Starlight and KWS Talisker are the new additions. KWS Talisker won the race on the relative yield score at 104, while KWS Starlight was just behind on 103.

These yields are expressed as a percentage of KWS Chilham’s yield, which was added to the list in 2019.

Quintus and RGT Doubleshot have both been removed from the list, having been added in 2015.


All three varieties had a score of 7 for resistance to sprouting – an important consideration when planting spring wheat. All three were also even for resistance to septoria on a score of 6.

KWS Chilham and KWS Talisker rated a 7 on resistance to mildew, while KWS Starlight came in at 6.

KWS Starlight had the lowest Hagberg falling number. Going on the numbers the remaining two varieties (KWS Talisker and KWS Starlight) are suitable for flour production.

KWS Talisker had the highest thousand grain weight, while KWS Starlight rated best on hectolitre weight.

Seed availability

KWS Chilham will be the most widely available spring wheat variety this season, followed by KWS Talisker and KWS Starlight.

Seed availability figures were published last June at the Irish Seed Trade Association’s open day held at the Department of Agriculture’s trial site in Backweston, Co. Kildare.

Spring wheat seed availability:
  • KWS Chilham – 55.4%;
  • KWS Talisker – 29.3%;
  • KWS Starlight – 15.3%.