The National Ploughing Championships has once again achieved a record attendance this year in spite of severe rain and flooding on the second day of the three-day event.

The crowd numbers for the third day came to a figure of 92,000 giving an overall attendance figure of 291,000 – the highest number ever to attend the event.

The precedent was set on the first day, with a record opening day figure tallied up by the National Ploughing Association – an eye-catching 112,500.

Last year, crowds at the opening day of the ‘Ploughing’ ran to 100,000.

This means that one of Europe’s largest outdoor events saw its attendance grow by a significant 12,500 people or just over 10% on day one of this year’s extravaganza.

However, following on from good weather and an overall pleasant day on day one, day two of this year’s event was hit with heavy rain for large parts of the day, leading to spot flooding so severe, some stands had to be closed.

In spite of this harsh weather, 87,000 people braved the wind and rain to attend day two of the ploughing.

Such was the severity of the weather and conditions that questions were asked in some quarters as to whether a third day would be possible at all. None the less, Anna Marie McHugh assured viewers on AgriLand’s live streaming yesterday evening that the third day, today, would most certainly be going ahead.

Today’s fine turn-out, aided in part by a mostly fine day much unlike yesterday, resulted in the event’s record-breaking attendance total. This year breaks the most recent record – set only last year – of 283,000.

With such a fruitful outcome, given the wash-out that was day two, one must wonder if next year’s figures will match – or even surpass – this year’s success?