Irish pig prices this week were in the range of 168 – 173c/kg.

For the week ending the 15th June, total pig supplies at export meat plants were 3,200 head higher compared to the same week in 2012, at 54,200 head.

In the UK, trade is reported as reasonably good, as some tightening in supplies have helped the trade. Trade for legs and loins continue to perform well, while demand for forequarter product remains steady.

On the continent, the pigmeat trade firmed over the past week, with prices reflecting this pattern across the key European markets. Reported prices for Grade E pigs were as follows:

  • French prices increased by 1/c to €1.69/kg.
  • Dutch prices increased by 4/c to €1.74/kg.


IrelandPigmeatPricesYTD1 EUPigmeatPricesYTD1


Information courtesy Bord Bia

Image Shuttlestock