AgriLand caught up with Irish Farmers Association (IFA) presidential candidates earlier today and asked on all their favourite things!

On the campaign trail with Bergin 
IFA presidential candidate Jer Bergin has been in Cork today, canvassing farmers in Fermoy mart and Cork Central in the run up to the election, which is now less than two weeks away. 

For starters, Bergin has a huge appetite for food. “Whatever is put in front of me,” he swiftly replied when asked his favourite food. In terms of books he has a keen interest in Irish and European history. “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L Shirer is one of my favourites.”

Bergin is clearly a farmer to the core, no other occupation can match it. Asked what he would be, if he was not a farmer, he sternly replied and repeated “trying to be one”.

His favourite place is County Laois, Ballacolla to be precise and his most prized possession is his John Deere 6630.

On the topic of most admired politician, he laughed, “Is there such a thing? I don’t think it is possible!”


On the campaign trail with Downey
Meanwhile, the other runner in the race to become IFA president, Eddie Downey has been campaigning in the windy Beara Peninsula today.

With Downey there is no accounting for taste. His favourite food is spring lamb and mint sauce. On big reads, he noted ‘One More Spin on The Merrygo Round’ by Sean Duignan for the “great political insights”.

On the touchy subject of his most admired politician, he quipped “alive or dead”. “I could say Michael Collins, but that gives out all the wrong messages. Charles Stewart Parnell. Just last Saturday I was at the place in Galway where he gave his last speech.”

If Downey was not a farmer, his ambition would to be a mechanic.”Working in any area of engineering to be honest,” he said.

His favourite place is home, nestled in Monknewtown, Co Meath and last but by no means least, his most precious piece of kit is his New Holland.

“The reason is that I can get out onto the field, get ploughing with no phones, no contacts and get away from everything for the evening.”