North East Texel Club to host annual in-lamb sale

The 2018 Texel Twilight in-lamb ewe sale will take place on December 29, at Station Road Mart, Cootehill, Co. Cavan.

Hosted by the North East Irish Texel Club, some 60 in-lamb pedigree Texel females will be presented for sale on the day, with the first lot entering the ring at 1:00pm.

In-lamb ewes from: Clover Hill; Oberstown; Geordie; Glassdrummond; Ellinure; Grove; Macetown; Mullaghrafferty; Corry Hill and Macs; Navac; and Finn flocks will be on offer at the special sale.

Most of the lots entered are from flocks participating in Sheep Ireland’s LambPlus Scheme and have €uroStar values. This information will be made available to any potential buyer on the day.

Last year’s sale wrapped up the year on a high note for the club, with a large crowd in attendance for the second annual event.

On that evening, in-lamb ewes met with a lively trade fetching – on average – €774/head. A top price of €2,310 was paid for an Oberstown ewe sired by the £85,000 Cornmore Velvet Jacket.

From their Oberstown flock, Pat and Barry Farrell produced the top three priced females of the sale. In total, six females from Oberstown fetched the father-and-son team at an average return of €1,650/head.

The Farrell’s ended the night by generously offering a pedigree ewe lamb for their chosen charity – The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association – which raised €1,380.