Next-generation app makes farm compliance a ‘snap’

Picture this: Your cows need a dose. You take out your phone, snap a photo of the barcode on the bottle and all the details flow directly to an app.

The beauty of being able to scan remedies with the camera is the speed at which you can get information into the app, as well as the accuracy of the data and easy compliance recording.

The new and improved Herdwatch app gives you the power to become instantly compliant with Bord Bia, while also making the pen and paper redundant. It’s a nifty bit of technology and remedies can be scanned in seconds.

The same scanning feature also has major time-saving benefits when it comes to calf registrations. The development team at Herdwatch have endeavored to make this process as simple as taking your phone out of your pocket and capturing a picture of the tag.

This means that any suckler or dairy farmer can take a photo of a tag barcode and that tag number will instantly appear within the app.

All you have to do is save the calves and they are instantly registered. It’s the perfect feature to save time and paperwork when you are at your busiest.

In addition to innovative scanning technology, managing your breeding records has taken a big leap forward. The app will remind you when a cow is due to come into heat or when she will repeat.

You will never miss a cow bulling again. The Herdwatch app will also notify you about all important tasks that require your attention. This is efficient farm management at its best.

In addition to the scanning and breeding features, completing cattle movements is a breeze with the new app. Simply request paperless movement certs within the app and send the number straight to the buyer.

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