Are you tired of the back breaking and time consuming work of emptying feed from these one or half tonne bulk bags? Wish there was a better way of handling bulk bagged feed?  The V-Mac Bag Hopper, designed by McAree Engineering, well known for their in animal feed silos is an ideal solution.

The new V-Mac Bag Hopper    allows busy farmers to easily handle and remove feed from bulk bags. It can be safely moved long distances with most bale handlers or a forklift which makes it very easy to move feed about the farm. The drop down legs allows buckets or barrows to be filled without having to open and empty from the top of the bag.

The V-Mac Hopper legs keeps the bag off the ground, helps prevent feed getting spoilt and reduces waste by making it more difficult for rodents to get into the feed. Made from 3mm galvanised sheeting and with hot dipped galvanised legs the V-Mac Bag Hopper is designed for a long and trouble free life.

Its strength means that the V-Mac Hopper can be transported distances using a tractor and bale carrier without becoming damaged.

How to use and remove feed

Simply bring the Bag Hopper to your local feed merchant using your bale handler or on a trailer. Attach the Bag to the bag hooks on the hopper. Cut a 12 inch square hole in the bottom of the bag (in the centre and about 12 inches in diameter).  The V-Mac Bag Hopper is now ready for filling.

Lift the Hopper, remove to leg pins and lower them to the required position. Carefully lower the bale handler or forklift to stand the V-Mac Bale handler on its own.

Drop the feed chute using the holding chain. Pull the slide towards you and control the flow of feed down the chute. Push the chute tightly to stop the flow of feed.

For more information contact McAree Enginering + 353 (0) 47 79000  Email Peter Richardson, Sales & Marketing Manager  at  [email protected] or check  out the V-Mac Hopper on YouTube at

Pictured enjoying the great day at Balmoral are 2nd year Harper Adams Students Kathryn Mills from Moneymore and Ruth Megahey from Ballinahinch pictured with Eamon McMeel and Jonathan McGovern at the Balmoral launch of the V-MAC 1ton Silo Bag Hopper/Image David A Scott