TERRA NutriTECH CEO Padraig Hennessy has announced that the OrbVie mineral system has hit the market place in Ireland.

“We are very excited to launch this new system; we have been working in the precision nutrition space for the last 10 years and we were constantly being asked had we a system that could be used directly in troughs but maintain the accuracy and reliability we are known for,” the CEO said.

TERRA NutriTECH started developing OrbVie more than three years ago, and Padraig stated that “it has been a long journey, making something simple and reliable takes time”.

After trying out multiple ideas and product designs, TERRA NutriTECH settled on a battery-operated system that is placed in or beside the water trough.

In five easy steps you can make sure all animals are getting the right amount of minerals daily:

  1. Connect your phone to the OrbVie unit;
  2. Set animal numbers to ensure accuracy;
  3. Pick the product and dosage rate (you are feeding from the extensive product range);
  4. Pick the water consumption pattern. TERRA NutriTECH has utilised the vast amounts of water-consumption data collected through its in-line system. This helps ensure accuracy when the OrbVie dispenses. So if cows at grass normally consume 5% of water between 1:00p.m and 2:00p.m it will dispense 5% of the daily minerals in the same time period;
  5. Place in the water trough (or beside and feed into the trough via a 6mm pipe) and walk away.

The app will alert when the unit is expected to be empty, ensuring that mineral supply to the animals is kept even and accurate.

Orbvie system pic

By utilising a rechargeable long-life battery, the unit needs minimal upkeep. It can hold up to 550 doses and the battery will need to be charged every 12-15 fills.

“We have already sold many units to farms in Ireland, France and Switzerland, and OrbVies will be operating in at least four other European countries in the next few weeks,” added Hennessy.

“Farmers here in Ireland want to use them for a range of reasons, PICA being a major issue at the moment, and farmers want to target phosphorus in the water trough. Some farms are using to place Bloat oil in water troughs and many want to help with their herd’s fertility or thrive.

“Farmers like the targeted approach as well as the confidence of knowing that their animals are getting the right amount each and every day with no waste.”

Orbvie products on a table

Padraig went on to explain that the company has built a manufacturing facility to produce liquid minerals in Kildare and has proven that by combining good quality minerals with precision feeding, results on-farm are maximised.

In a recent customer survey carried out by IFAC for TERRA Nutritech, four out of five farmers reported improved or significantly improved fertility, as well as reduced calving issues on farm

“I am a big advocate of using analysis of the herd, looking at forage, milk or blood analysis and tailoring minerals to each herd,” said Hennessy.

“By doing this you can ensure you are targeting deficiencies, as feeding too little or too much minerals can lead to issues with the herd.”

OrbVie units and minerals are available directly from TERRA NutriTECH; call Ronan on: 087 708 6714, or visit; www.terranutritech.com.