The Roll Baler 125 Combi is the latest generation baler wrapper combination.

The chamber uses mechanical locks to keep the door shut, which provides the pressure to pack the bale and deliver high quality silage and excellent bale shape with no demand on the tractor hydraulics.

Tandem axles provide excellent ground flotation with a large contact area reducing ground pressure and increasing stability in the toughest of conditions.

The baler contains a number of key features including a robust hardox rotor and 20 knives as standard.

Robust hardox rotor

The baler has a robust hardox rotor to feed the chamber which delivers excellent wear resistance and extended lifespan. In the event of a blockage due to a lump, the Roll Baler 125 has two tricks up its sleeve.

The first being the front opening drop floor. This drop floor design opens at the front rather than the rear, which provides more space at the front allowing the largest of lumps to be fed into the bale chamber.

The second trick is the rotor declutch; this would be typically used in the most extreme of situations, in particular when the bale is near completion.

The operator simply operates a hydraulic spool to disengage the rotor and pickup, allowing the bale in the chamber to be wrapped and discharged. Once the chamber is cleared, the rotor declutch is reengaged, allowing normal operation of the rotor and pickup to feed the lump into an empty chamber.

Roll Baler 125 Combi knives

20 Knives

There are 20 knives as standard that operate on a selectable knife bank.

Each knife bank controls 10 knives so that every second knife can be engaged or removed from the crop flow. Once a knife bank becomes dull, the other bank can be easily selected providing the best quality cut all day long.

The Roll Baler 125 Combi also includes the auto knife retract as standard. This automated feature can retract the knives when the bale is near completion and can be adjusted simply through the baler monitor.

This feature becomes very useful when feeding silage through a diet feeder where the plastic and net is removed at ground level and the bale will hold together before being placed into the feeder.

Another automated feature on this baler is the knife cleaning cycle, where for every bale, the knives will retract and extend to help prevent the knife slots from becoming blocked with material.


“Film-on-film” is included along with net application as standard on the Roll Baler 125 Combi.

The baler uses two gathering arms that collect the film to form a tail ensuring that the film clings to the bale every time. The baler allows film and net rolls up to 1400mm wide providing overedge wrapping in the bale chamber.

The bale loader provides zero ground contact when transferring the bale from the bale chamber to the wrapping table, eliminating any soil contamination.

Film-on-film technology provides several benefits including reduced wrapping time on the back of the baler, superior silage quality and it also eliminates the need to segregate plastic and net when feeding.

At the rear of the baler the wrapping section uses twin satellite arms with film break detection to wrap the bale. The wrapping table is speed controlled, allowing the baler to accurately wrap the bale based on the film stretch height.

This system provides consistent and accurate overlap of the plastic providing excellent sealing to deliver high quality silage with minimum plastic usage.

Roll Baler 125 Combi

The ‘better plastic fixation’ automated feature allows the bale to be rotated on the table after plastic application, where it presses the cut ends on the bale together.

The baler includes storage for 12 rolls in total which provides a long range in baling before refilling.   

Baler maintenance is important but can be a time-consuming process. The Roll Baler 125 Combi includes an automatic greasing and oiling system as standard; this reduces downtime and saves on maintenance costs in the long-run.

The greasing system has a 2L container and the oiling system includes a 5L tank which extends the bale count between refills.

Other accessories include; camera kits; work light; and a quarter turn system which tips the bale on its side.

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