New flagship Deere forager has a 970hp V12 engine…from Liebherr

Since early July, we’ve been bringing you details (as they’ve leaked out) of John Deere’s much-talked-about 9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters.

The official specifications have now been confirmed. Some readers will be surprised to learn that John Deere has turned to Liebherr to provide the muscle for three of its four new arrivals.

The 9000 Series line-up will comprise four models – the 9600, 9700, 9800 and flagship 9900.

The 9600 is powered by a 13.5L, six-cylinder John Deere (PowerTech) engine that churns out 616/625hp.

The next three machines are all home to 24L, V12 Liebherr engines. The 9700 has 759/770hp at its disposal; while the 9800 has 858/870hp.

The range-topping 9900 (pictured below) has 957/970hp on tap.

The four 9000 Series models are all what the manufacturer describes as “wide-bodied machines”. These are high-capacity harvesters; for example, fuel tank capacity is 1,500L.

Existing 8000 Series machines

Some existing models from the 8000 Series line-up will continue to be available. Previously, we expected that the 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500 and 8600 would remain in the product dossier.

There is now some doubt about the 8600. This is not surprising, given that its power output effectively overlaps with that of the new 9600.

John Deere’s existing 8000 Series foragers currently span the 380-845hp spectrum.

The first batch of 8000 Series foragers was launched four years ago; the line-up originally ran from the 380hp 8100 to the 625hp 8600.

Image source: Shane Casey

In 2015, three further 8000 Series foragers were added to the range – the 8300 (slotting in between existing models), the 8700 and the flagship 845hp 8800. The two larger machines were powered by 19L (Cummins) engines.