MSD Animal Health has relaunched the popular PorcilisPig app, with updated disease information and improved functionality.

“The app was originally developed about five years ago,” said Thomas Gallagher, associate director for Swine at MSD Animal Health.

“We felt it was time to update some of the disease and production information so that pig farmers and vets have vital information at their fingertips when they need it.”

The app can be used on smart phones and tablets and includes easy-to-navigate sections focusing on the relevant diseases affecting the main three production stages in pig farms: sows and piglets, weaners and fatteners.

The app gives an overview of the disease, as well as information on clinical signs and diagnosis (including photographs) and treatment and management options.

Viewers can also access additional product information for available Porcilis vaccines, including practical details about vaccination schedules, mixing and storing the products.

As well as disease information, there is also a useful section on fertility management in sows and gilts.


“This app was developed by the team here in Ireland and is specific to our local experience of pig health issues on farm,” Thomas continued.

“As farmers and their vets navigate the forthcoming regulations on zinc oxide and antimicrobials, it’s more essential than ever that we understand these diseases and how better to prevent and manage them.

“One real improvement to PorcilisPig has been made as a direct result of farmer and vet feedback and that was to ensure that there is no requirement to access Wi-Fi when using the app.

“Pig units often have thick walls and internet connection can be patchy at best. The updated app can now be used offline once downloaded.”

PorcilisPig is free to download through the App Store on IOS and through Play Store on android devices. Existing users should find that the app automatically updates to the newer version 1.0.2.

Once downloaded, users can select whether they are based in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland to ensure they receive information that is specific to each territory.

“MSD Animal Health is committed to connecting people and animals as part of a digital strategy to provide our customers with information on demand. The past couple of years has shown that we need to ensure farmers and vets stay connected in whatever ways they need,” concluded Thomas Gallagher.

More information

Farmers should always discuss any pig health concerns with their veterinary adviser who can use their intimate knowledge of the farm, the animals and management systems.

Further information is available from MSD Animal Health, Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, Ireland. 

MSD Animal Health can be contacted on: 01 297 0220, or emailed at: [email protected]