HerdApp really is a pioneering farm app, developed by Barry Lynch (Technical Director of AgriNet) and the AgriNet team.

HerdApp has spent 2018 going from strength-to-strength; the number of HerdApp users has increased rapidly over the last couple of months as the app has really started to come into its own.

Christmas is an occasion to enjoy time with family, look back on the year that was and look forward to the year to come – armed with your new year’s resolutions.

With the compaction of the calving season and breeding season in recent years, stress levels have massively increased on-farm.

As an organisational tool, HerdApp can greatly reduce this stress. How? Because HerdApp does what it says on the tin.

HerdApp is a huge organisational aid; the company would say it is the go to tool.

Example reports include:

  • Farm reports – view all upcoming jobs;
  • Herd reports – a range of reports for animals on farm, including milk recordings;
  • Animal report – view a detailed history for one individual animal – is she performing?;
  • Births – register calves with AgFood.ie straight from the shed;
  • Plus: moves; drugs; drug cabinet; diary; AI/breeding; weights and more.

What farmers are often surprised by when they download HerdApp (which is usually set-up in less than 10 minutes – with no credit card details required) is how much is on the app to begin with.

Particularly those for instance that use an AI technician on an ICBF handheld, as all insemination data appears with estimated calving dates too, for example.

This means that you can get HerdApp today and get organised for the spring calving season as so much of your information will be there automatically.

A unique strength

What is a unique strength of HerdApp is that it will organise all the data.

“I bought in a few autumn calvers there at a couple of sales and it’s great to have their calving history, milk recording data and AI data coming with them, especially when they’re cows that you are just getting familiar with,” said George Beattie of Leisheen Holsteins (follow him on Instagram @georgebeattie1).

George Beattie of Leisheen Holsteins

“Plus, looking at your due-to-calve list or your due-to-calve by week just makes life that bit easier and you’re not going routing through paper or heading up to the parlour; it’s there at your fingertips on your phone,” commented George.

The calving section of the farm reports tab is particularly useful when farmers are trying to look and plan ahead.

Plus, registering calves takes less than a minute from the yard. If the cow has a serve recorded, HerdApp calculates when she is due to calve.

When she calves the farmer simply enters the last three digits of her number, the sire comes up automatically from the previous known serve (this can be changed if necessary), scan the tag for the calf or simply enter the check digit as tag numbers will run in sequence, and enter male or female.

Pedigree registration is also quick and simple from this step. HerdApp even suggests names.

Click save and tag the calf. No more waiting for the laptop/PC to switch on or writing on the white box. Just register and go.

Kieran Henry of Castleoye Limousins (Twitter @Limousinbreeder) is using HerdApp. He’s found that:

“HerdApp makes breeding simpler, served and recorded while in the yard. Also, [there is] access to a lot of data on the move. [You can] look up animals, recording heats, recording weights while on the scales [and] all calves registered via [the] app.”

“Working smarter, not harder,” Kieran said.

Pricing and set-up

HerdApp is priced on an animal numbers basis:

  • 50 animals or less €50;
  • 50-150 animals €100;
  • 150+ animals €150.

These are per annum subscriptions but every farmer can download HerdApp for free and can use the entire app completely free of charge for one month from the date of download.

Plus, there is also a free version which includes AI and milk recording. In addition, the app can be downloaded from the Apple store by clicking here or from the Play store by clicking here.

Download today and see why Irish farmers are using the new standard in farm software on their farms every day.

If you require a little help or have some questions, why not take our SmartStart option: Just text “smart” to: 087-619-5575; or speak to a member of staff at: 046-924-5118; or at: 046-924-9964.

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