It is never too early to start preparing your machine for the tough winter months, and for New Holland owners, it is advised that you adhere to the maintenance periods recommended by New Holland.

By abiding to the correct maintenance intervals for your machine, you can deliver the best results out in the field. Drawing on the latest innovations and technology, New Holland has developed customisable solutions to drive your productivity.

For you, this means maximising uptime and increasing your capacity to be more successful from one year to another.

Trust the New Holland experts with your tractor

Your local dealers’ team of New Holland experts will check the key maintenance points to ensure your machine’s top performance.

Enjoy all the benefits of regular and professional maintenance carried out by the New Holland technicians.

Book your winter maintenance with your local New Holland dealer to maximise your performance.

Alternatively, here are some tips for self maintenance this winter.

Advice for day-to-day self maintenance in winter:

  1. Use the correct, best quality lubricants for your machine: 
    • Check and if necessary, replace all fluids including the correct engine, hydraulic, transmission and drive lubricants for your exact machine. New Holland recommend that you use Petronas to get the most from your machinery.
  2. Check, maintain and, if necessary, replace all hydraulic hoses on your machine:
    • Visually check the exterior of the hydraulic hoses as they can crack when flexed in lower temperatures.
  3. Detach your implement parts and store them separately:
    • When your machine is not in use, it is best to detach any attachments and store them separately to avoid damage to hitches, hinges and joints.
  4. Correct tyre pressure:
    • Check the side of the tyre and/or machinery handbook and ensure your machinery’s tyres have the correct pressure for the load.
  5. Fuel protection:
    • Fuel tanks should be stored full, to prevent condensation inside the tank and along the fuel lines.
  6. Keep batteries fully charged and warm:
    • Cold weather requires your batteries to generate nearly two times more power to run your machine, so keep them charged and warm for an easy start.
  7. Conduct a visual inspection:
    • Visually check your electrical wiring, attachments, and hoses for wear before daily operation. Look for cracks, cuts and worn spots on all hydraulic hoses, belts and tyres.

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Don’t forget: 

  • Always consult your tractor owner’s manual for model-specific information;
  • If you do not feel that you understand any of below steps, or you are unable to perform them safely, consult your nearest New Holland dealer and ask for the professional extensive winter check-up;
  • Perform all engine checks while engine is cold as it is important to keep you safe. 

New Holland’s ‘How To’ video series

#HowToNH with the T6

During the long winter evenings, you may have more time to watch one of #NHtips video series. 

The New Holland ‘How To’ series talks about how to use New Holland machines to their full potential. These short films will show you not only how to properly use New Holland equipment, but will show you interesting and useful features of the machines as well.

In the T6 series you will find 19 short videos with tips about:

  • Start off gear logic setting;
  • Intentional PTO switch;
  • Dynamic start-stop feature;
  • Auto comfort seat;
  • Ground speed management;
  • Plus much more.

To watch the videos, click here.