Macra na Feirme recently launched its Land Mobility Brokerage Service, it says it is not about more studies but instead providing a service to facilitate workable arrangements.

Land mobility in Ireland has always been an issue, only six per cent of farmers are under 35 years and 26 per cent are over 65 years. This age imbalance is compounded by the fact that many older farmers do not have a farming successor.

In view of this Macra na Feirme supported by FBD Trust have established a service to allow farmers and land owners to explore their options and put compatible farmers in contact with each other.

Macra says the service is for those thinking of farming as a career, thinking of expansion, thinking of changing enterprise or thinking of stepping back or reducing workload.

According to Macra, the purpose of the service is to facilitate collaborative arrangements tailored to suit any specific situation. It says these arrangements can be as simple or as complex as desired provided they are workable for all parties involved.

Arrangements can be within or outside the family. For an arrangement to work it will need to deliver to all parties in terms of income security and enhancement, title security, the land to be farmed, continued family involvement, farm development and adding value to the farm, quality of life and social benefits and finally tax efficiency.

To manage the service Macra has employed Austin Finn, who has significant farming and business experience. Finn holds an Agricultural Science Degree and is also a Chartered Accountant.

Macra stress that the service is 100 per cent confidential and Finn will act as an honest broker fully respecting all parties. It says his only agenda is to find a workable arrangement that will satisfy the needs of all parties.

Macra highlights that collaboration has multiple social and financial benefits, and is an excellent way to facilitate expansion, scaling back or switching enterprise.

The types of arrangements available include
1. Long Term Leasing
2. Straightforward Collaborative Arrangements
• Contract Rearing
• Share Farming
• Shared Milking
• Cow Leasing
3. Partnerships
4. Companies
5. Any interim or “get to know each other” arrangement that may lead to more viable and profitable farming for all parties.

Speaking to AgriLand Finn said: “The service which will be officially launched in the new year is nationwide but initially will be focused on three pilot centres Roscommon, Kilkenny and Cork.”

Anyone interested in finding out more or would like to be included in the data base are encouraged to contact Austin on 086 2541425 or visit