The Macra vice-presidential elections come to a close today as the count gets underway in the Irish Farm Centre at present.

AgriLand reported that there was confusion over ballot papers and as the count started a query was made as to why clubs were missing from the list of returned votes today.

President James Healy stated that he had sent candidates an updated list before the count started.

Queries were also brought up over the confusion over ballot papers. President James Healy stated that secretaries had to be registered by April 5 in order for a club to be deemed registered and receive a ballot paper.

Candidates were provided with a hard copy of the returned votes before the count started as per two candidates’ requests.

The running order of the count is as follows:
  • Donal O’Ríordan from FBD scrutinises all envelopes received along with the returning officer James Healy;
  • Once happy that all the envelopes are correct the ballot papers will be divided into the three different regions – Leinster, Munster and the north-west;
  • Ballot papers will then be checked for eligibility and quotas calculated;
  • The ballot box was opened at 2:15pm by out-going president James Healy and scrutineer Donal O’Ríordan.

Votes counted

150 clubs returned votes. Two of these votes were spoiled as they were in the wrong envelopes.

Leinster count

A total of 51 ballot papers were sent out in Leinster. 45 votes were returned and of these votes were one was spoiled. The quota is 23.

First count

Gerard Mahon (Offaly), Eamon Briscoe (Louth) and Helen Dempsey (Laois) all go through to the second count having secored 12, 11 and 11 first preference votes respectively. Veronica Wheatley (Laois) was eliminated with 10 first preference votes.

Second count

Helen Dempsey secured 17 votes on the second count. Gerard Mahon secured 15, while Eamon Briscoe was eliminated with 12 votes.

Third count

Gerard Mahon elected on the third count with 19 votes. Helen Dempsey had a total of 17. No quota needed to be reached.

Munster count

A total of 72 ballot papers were issued in Munster. 67 were returned. One was declared invalid. The quota was set at 34.

Seán Wallace (Muskerry) elected on first count with 43 first preference votes. John Cremin (Limerick) received 16, while Trevor Coffey (Kerry) received 7.

North-west count

A total of 38 ballot papers were sent out in the north-west. 36 were returned and no votes were spoiled. The quota is 19.

First count

Fergus O’Rourke was elected on the first count in the north-west with 21 first preferences. Shane Quigley received 15 first preference votes.

The count has now concluded.