Lung Guard: Have you the best defence against calf respiratory disorders?

Auctus has included a new respiratory additive into its powerful range of Calf Milk Replacers. Lung Guard has been added as an optional extra in the Opti-mum and Champion products.

Auctus Calf Milk Replacers

All Auctus Calf Milk Replacers, as standard, have the inclusion of:

Triple Shield Protection – which increases the growth of intestinal micro flora, reduces the incidence of digestive scours and minimises the growth of harmful bacteria including e-coli, clostridia and salmonella;

Sodium Butyrate – which acts as a stomach buffer in the abomasum, giving further protection against harmful bacteria and pathogens such as cryptosporidium and coccidiosis; and

An extremely strong vitamin and mineral inclusion to push calf development when the calf’s genetic function is being layed down within the first six months of life.

Lung guard

Lung Guard, however, will even strengthen these products further to help counter respiratory disorders.

Respiratory distress can be detected in 20% of animals and is caused due to: environmental reasons in buildings with ventilation and weather issues; or stress resulting in an impact on the immune system.

Calves or ruminants tend to be sensitive to respiratory disorders due to low pulmonary volume and low immunity as baby animals.

The objectives of adding Lung Guard to Opti-mum or Champion is:

  • The prevention of respiratory disorders;
  • Improvement of breathing;
  • Reduce the use of antibiotics.

Lung Guard is formulated to increase mucus production while leaving it fluid to give a decongesting effect. The essential oils inhibit the growth of bacteria, while stimulating the immune system.

Further information

If respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, IBR, BVD or BRSV are a challenge on your farm, please give Auctus a call on: 043-6683200.

Alternatively, please contact any of its business development managers on: