Looking to upgrade your water heating system? Here’s five reasons to consider gas

Hot water plays an integral role on Irish dairy farms and a reliable and consistent method of heating water is necessary on every farm.

Large quantities of boiling water are required each day to wash down milk lines and bulk milk storage tanks.

This is necessary to control the Total Bacteria Count (TBC) of milk and contamination risks, such as thermoduric bacteria.

Here are five reasons why farmers, who are looking to upgrade their system, should consider installing a Calor gas heating system.

1. Grant aid available

Grant aid of up to 40% is available under the TAMS II scheme for certain upgrade projects. This includes improvements to water heating systems.

The TAMS II Dairy Equipment Scheme was launched shortly after the lifting of dairy quotas in Ireland in 2015. The scheme aims to ensure that farmers have access to the most up-to-date technology to enable them to compete and prosper in the modern dairy sector.

Specific areas of investment include milking machines, milk cooling and storage equipment, water heating and in-parlour feeding systems.

The deadline for applications to the seventh tranche of the TAMS II scheme closes on June 30. Calor is encouraging farmers looking to cut their energy costs and improve their sustainability to contact their local representative, who can advise them of how to apply for funding.

2. Hot water available on demand

One of the key advantages of a Calor water heating system is the availability of boiling water at the flick of a switch. This eliminates the waiting time associated with heating water and the need for hot water storage facilities.

Calor’s energy advisors have vast experience working with dairy farmers throughout Ireland to design wash-down systems that work for their dairy farm enterprise. These systems help to drive down their costs and increase environmental sustainability.

3. Environmental sustainability

Origin Green and the Sustainable Dairy Scheme are placing an even greater focus on improving the environmental performance of Irish farms.

The Calor LPG solution also delivers in terms of environmental sustainability, as water is heated only when required and hot water storage costs are eliminated.

4. Hygiene

One of the most important considerations on a dairy farm is hygiene and large quantities of boiling water are required each day to control the Total Bacteria Count of milk.

Calor LPG-powered instant water heaters provide an ideal solution for dairy farmers. They produce a reliable, instant and infinite hot water supply on demand. They also minimise the need for chemical detergent use on dairy farms.

Calor Rinnai instant water heaters easily deliver the large quantities of boiling water that are required each day to wash milk lines and bulk milk storage tanks.

5. Never worry about running out of fuel

Unlike traditional water heating methods, farmers never have to fear about running out of fuel.

Calor’s telemetry system also ensures that you will never run short of gas, as a gauge continuously monitors gas levels.

When you need a top-up, a transmitter sends a signal via GSM technology. Your local depot will then schedule a fuel delivery at a time convenient for you.

A farmer’s perspective

One farmer who used the system across two dairy farms is Andrew Claxton who converted his farm in Stradbally, Co. Waterford to Calor Gas water heaters a couple of years ago.

More recently he has installed the same system on a dairy farm in New Ross, Co. Wexford.

The Calor instant water heaters have been a great benefit to our dairy business. It’s a much more efficient system for us to heat the water we need for plant and bulk tank washing.

“We have all the hot water we need at any time, day or night, and importantly it’s at the right temperature to ensure we maintain the hygiene level we need.  We’ve definitely made savings since changing to gas,” he said. Click here for more information