With milk quotas now abolished right across the European Union, Lely is spearheading an initiative to provide more support to every dairy farmer in Ireland.

Lely says a historic dawn is breaking for dairy farming with the European Union no longer imposing limits on milk production by farm.

It says many entrepreneurial farmers see the disappearance of milk quotas as an opportunity to take new initiatives to develop their business.

The end of milk quotas will impact different farms in different ways. For this reason, Lely has pooled its efforts to provide support and advice for dairy farm managers to help them with this transition.

To tie in with the end of milk quotas, Lely Farm Management Support (FMS) advisors provide a number of practical tips on how farm managers, whether or not they use robotic milking, can turn this to their advantage on the website www.endmilkquota.com

According to the Dutch producer of milking robots and other milk equipment, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important in dairy farming.

It says to be successful in the long-term, it is important to have an accurate insight into cost price.

“Reacting to fluctuating milk prices is rendered easier by knowing what an extra kg of milk costs,” it says.

Lely says when farm managers have an insight into the opportunities in their business and plan over the long term, making the right decisions in the short term can be a lot easier.

Lely places a great deal of importance on getting the dairy farm’s house in order, it says.

That means a low cost-price per kilo of milk teamed with high feed efficiency and low cost labour. With specialised FMS staff, Lely guides and supports thousands of dairy farm managers worldwide. Lely is looking to place more emphasis on support and advice in the future.

Take a look at www.endmilkquota.com now for tips, tricks and insights.