In September 2015 Lely celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner.

Over the last 10 years, Lely says feedback from customers has led to many improvements without ever changing the concept.

This resulted in a reliable and durable product that has broken some impressive records, it says.


With 9,000 systems working daily in barns worldwide the Lely Discovery is the most chosen mobile barn cleaner on the market for slatted floors.

Together these robots have travelled a distance equal to 37 times around the world and cleaned a surface which is comparable to six times the size of the UK.


Lely says this makes the Discovery unrivalled when it comes to automatic barn cleaning.

Barn hygiene is essential for good animal health, according to Lely and it highlights that the Discovery does its rounds as often as needed; making sure that the floor is constantly clean and dry.

Clean and dry claws, tails, cubicles and udders prevent claw and udder illnesses and increase farm results as well as animal welfare, it says.

The Discovery mobile barn cleaner is a battery-driven vehicle.

At installation, you use the E-link remote control to pre‑programme the routing to be followed by the Discovery.

Routings are flexible so that you have the option to ensure more intensive cleaning of some areas in the barn during certain hours of the day, like behind the cubicles.