This year more than ever, it’s important to make quality silage. With farm inputs continuously rising, and the cost of feed due to reach an all-time high this coming winter, farmers are focused on getting it right.

In a study completed by Teagasc, 16% is recorded as a conservative waste figure in a silage pit. On that basis, at a cost of €47/t of silage produced in 2022, silage lost will cost farmers €3,670 in a 500t pit.

In addition, silage dry matter digestibility (DMD) levels below 75% will need to be replaced or will otherwise result in animal performance losses; an estimate feed cost of €490/week for a 100-cow herd will be incurred to replace every 5% DMD lost

Simply put; the costs are too high not to get silage-making right.

Farming in Co. Kilkenny, Eamon Saunders milks 120 cows while keeping replacements and beef cattle. Recognising the rising costs of feeding his herd, Eamon is more determined than ever to make good-quality silage.

Replacing his usual double-layered black silage covers, this year Eamon will be using the new Agrisafe Hybrid Classic 2 -in- 1, available from Glanbia Ireland.

This innovative, extra-strong two-layer sheet includes the standard black cover and underlayer film in one roll. While the underlayer clings to the surface of the silage to prevent costly air pockets, the combination of the two layers provides extra protection in a way that is quick and easy to apply.

Watch below to hear more about Eamon’s recent approach to silage-ground reseeding and his plans for silage-making this summer.

Choosing the right silage cover

Using a quality silage cover is a really important part of minimising waste and protecting your silage quality.

Glanbia Ireland has four options available to farmers this year.

Watch below as Niamh Bambrick, Glanbia Ireland business manager, reviews the various options available to farmers and discusses the merits of using a good-quality silage cover.

More information

If you would like to learn more about Glanbia Ireland’s range of silage covers, drop into your local Glanbia Ireland branch or speak to your business manager. 

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